2015 online garden seeds catalogue is now updated! 

Open-pollinated & heirloom seeds for your garden

All of our garden seeds are open pollinated, non-GMO, and non-hybrid which means you can save them yourself and you will get the same delicious vegetables year after year. Seed grown as Mother Nature intended! Located on the West Coast in Parksville on beautiful Vancouver Island.
Thank you for your support! By purchasing these open-pollinated seeds, you are supporting a movement to keep our seeds the property of the people. Seeds should always be kept public domain, yet we are facing large corporations intent on patenting seeds for royalties and ownership. I have a favorite saying I heard last year that says, "Stop cursing the darkness and light a candle." Well, being a seed saver and passing them on to you, is my candle...and it burns brightly!  Happy growing and seed ya later! - Lorelie Shoesmith


Salad Collection

(4 packets) There is nothing more satisfying than your own home grown salad. This diverse assortment will keep you in salads all season long.
- Heavenly Lettuce Mix
- Arugula
- Kale: Red Russian
- Mountain Spinach: Purple

Tea Collection

(3 seed packs & 20 tea sacs) Not only do these herbs make lovely teas, they are a superb attraction for pollinators to your garden. One morning when my fennel had flowered, I counted at least six different pollinator types busily working the plant!
- Anise Hyssop
- Fennel: Bronze
- Lemon Balm

Homesteader Collection

(5 packets) There is a growing interest by millions (pretty sure it's millions...I like to think its millions) of people who are learning to become more self sufficient. This collection is a great start to your homesteader garden.
- Asparagus
- Beet: Cylindra
- Bean: Kidney
- Soybean: Manitoba Brown
- Squash: Spaghetti (winter)