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6 Feminized Seeds

Violet Haze is a cross we made using a pheno we selected of Blackline Haze ( Cuban Black Haze x Redline Haze) from Piff Coast Farms and a Blueberry F5 Male we selected from Old World Genetics.


For this S1 we used the pheno of Violet Haze that won 2nd Place Connoisseur (75 days+) at Piffcon 2022 and reveresed it on to itself.


The result is a feminized cross that has yeilded phenos that are short and squat and finish in 74 days and some that stretch like the mom and finish in 80 days. All the buds have been dense, frosty, and flavorfull with rich berry piff terp profiles some leaning more piff and some more berry and wine.

Violet Haze S1

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